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Watch YouTube Video with Any Windows Cell Phone

Five basic ways to deal with watch YouTube content on Windows PDAs – covering applications and program courses of action.

Watch YouTube Video with Any Windows Cell Phone

The Choices

Review YouTube content on your Windows Cell phone can be an upsetting side interest – particularly. When your system supplier has evacuated the committed programming provided by the telephone producer.

Gratefully, there are various arrangements including either program. Outsider applications or a mix of each, running from allowed to very expensive.

I’ve recorded here the best answers for review the universe of gushing substance not simply from YouTube. But rather from different destinations. For example, Google Video – so for what reason not experiment with the Skyfire program, Coreplayer, YouTubePlayer, Avot mV or TCPMP. And get the best self-telecom to your Windows Cell phone.



Skyfire is a glorious new program for Windows Portable. Not exclusively does it allow the client to see the BBC iPlayer and other internet spilling. It dependably streams content from YouTube coordinate from the program window.

Skyfire has as of late turned into the program of decision for some WIndows Versatile clients. Offering magnificent help for various sites that Web Explorer Portable and Musical show Portable basically can’t manage. Right now – and YouTube is another of these.

With Skyfire, it truly is as straightforward as either tapping the landing page connection. Or writing in the URL and after that hunting down your preferred substance.



In case you’re utilizing this heavenly (in spite of the fact that somewhat expensive. Coming in at a little under $30) Windows Portable all-inclusive media player, at that point, you should find that YouTube content is very much provided food for. It’s just an instance of tapping on the YouTube interface on the principle Coreplayer screen and entering the YouTube screen.

Hunting down substance and review it is straightforward, however, the list items just return recordings upgraded for the portable survey. On account of the Menu > Open URL work be that as it may, on the off chance that you know the URL of the video you’re searching for then this can be opened. (Note that Menu > Open URL will work for YouTube recordings while on the YouTube screen.



This is a convenient devoted Windows Portable application. That tosses the majority of your YouTube hunt and shows necessities into one single of piece programming. Not all that ideal for touch-screen handsets, YouTubePlayer truly requests the utilization of a stylus. By the by it easily takes care of looking and showing YouTube content.


Avot mV

Avot mV enables you to hunt and peruse a scope of online media gushing administrations. For example, YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, and others. Unfortunately. It doesn’t work too cheerfully under Windows Portable 6.1 and TouchFLO 3D. Albeit looking and review the video content is sensibly smooth. And consistent by means of prior forms of the Windows Versatile OS.

This is obviously a significant disgrace – the Avot mV UI is desirable over the YouTubePlay UI. And it would profit both the product and current Windows Versatile clients on the off chance. That it was raised to date with another discharge. Unfortunately, it looks just as the software engineers have deserted freeware spilling applications for.


The Center Pocket Media Player (TCPMP)

This is the open source form of Coreplayer and in that capacity not at all like that application, it’s free. Less improvement work has been done on The Center Pocket Media Player lately in any case. Yet it is as yet a reasonable and sans cost other option to Coreplayer. TCPMP must be used as a piece of conjunction with FlashVideoBundle to see YouTube. And other web spouting applications. With a result staggeringly close to that of Coreplayer. It’s a straightforward instance of introducing both TCPMP (2.85MB). And FlashVideoBundle into a similar area (for example in a similar organizer on your SD card). And restarting your gadget by means of Delicate Reset.

Once restarted, see your Program Records menu. And you’ll see a site page alternate way called Video Locales. This is a list of all destinations providing spilled content that your TCPMP establishment will play. And now it’s basically an instance of perusing to your picked video site and scanning for a video. On determination, TCPMP will dispatch and play your preferred YouTube document!


Keep in mind that in case you’re utilizing your Windows Cell phone to see YouTube or other spilling. A reasonable and suitable system information design is crucial.

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